This was supposed to be about something else.

I forget what, but probably one of the hundreds of brilliant ideas I’ve already had this week (it’s Tuesday). However, having decided that I should try following some instructions to set this up properly, instead of blindly rushing straight to the interesting parts without a plan or an end goal in mind*, I signed up to Blogging Fundamentals and hit an existential brick wall at step one:

Today, publish a “who I am and why I’m here” post.

OK …

Nope, nothing.

I could write about being a parent, or about my background in academic publishing or the fact that I’m left-handed. I might list the many, many courses and qualifications I’ve started working towards over the past two decades but then I’d likely have to provide some kind of explanation for why 99% of these remain incomplete, or why I was 27 years old before I learnt to drive and why I ‘only’ have a licence to drive automatics (and if your response to that is the tediously predictable whine of “but if you only pass your test in an automatic you’ll never be able to drive a manual car” … shut up).

I am a competent pianist, I have a first-class honours degree from the amazingly accessible Open University (English language and linguistics, creative writing and Latin if you’re interested) and an Advanced Diploma in the Therapeutic and Educational Application of the Arts, plus a 1500-metre swimming badge I achieved aged 10 and possibly the Kent Cycling Proficiency award, although I’m not sure I’ve ever seen the badge so may have been misled on this.

These achievements notwithstanding, I still feel ill-equipped to answer the question. Yet it does seem a question (actually two questions) in need of (an) answer(s). So I’m off to do some research …

*This is a lie. I created the logo first.

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