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A side of ADHD

Something didn’t add up. I was definitely autistic, yet that on its own didn’t seem to account for everything. I need routine, deadlines and obligations to perform well, yet I detest having to follow that routine or keep to prearranged commitments. I will fixate on one particular topic but that focus will quickly move onContinue reading “A side of ADHD”

Small talk: a big deal

“Bit chilly today, isn’t it.” OK, remember: answer in agreement as it’s not an actual question; reply straightaway with a comment that includes the words ‘glad’ and ‘coat’, then follow up with a related statement/invitation such as ‘I know! The forecast said it was supposed to be warm all week!’ with a tone conveying mildContinue reading “Small talk: a big deal”

Let’s play Bingo

The appointment had started well enough. There I was, sat opposite the GP, explaining how my eldest had recently received an autism diagnosis and the assessment process had led me to realise that I, too, was very likely autistic and had therefore been assessed by the same privately funded centre (and this was all extraneousContinue reading “Let’s play Bingo”

Are you sure?

… One of the stranger responses I’ve received when mentioning that I am autistic. At that point I had actually received an official diagnosis (more on that and dismissive GPs another time) so yes, I was sure, but still. What are they implying by asking that question? “You don’t look autistic.” Probably this, or somethingContinue reading “Are you sure?”


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