Treat your self

Always thought – or more likely been told – you were in some way dysfunctional, deficient, too much or not enough? Spent years trying to fit in but never quite succeeding? Realised that, actually, you are autistic, ADHD or any other kind of neurodiversity?

Well done and welcome! But now what?

Your mind is inherently creative. You have been born with the abilities of divergent thinking, a different way of processing sensory information and a unique perspective on the world, so why not use these talents to (re)discover your real identity, or create a new one if you’d rather. Understand your ‘self’ – what is really part of you and what you have been forced to carry – to uncover the authentic You.

This is my Project miND.

Btw if this sounds a bit vague and abstract, be reassured there will be frequent references to proper research and actual scientific stuff. I do like data.

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