Dopamine: it’s the process, not the product

I have bought a lot of weird stuff from eBay. A job lot of uncleaned Roman coins, WW2 memorabilia and a roe deer skull complete with antlers, to name a few of my recent purchases. These were all recent fascinations of my eldest child, who takes a hands-on approach to learning, hence the necessity forContinue reading “Dopamine: it’s the process, not the product”

Routine: a love-hate relationship

Want a clean home? Devise a housekeeping routine and stick to it. Struggle to fall asleep or wake up tired and unrefreshed? Sort out your bedtime routine. Finally decided to complete Couch to 5K? No, me neither, but I bet if you did then the key to progressing from beginner to runner would be thatContinue reading “Routine: a love-hate relationship”

A side of ADHD

Something didn’t add up. I was definitely autistic, yet that on its own didn’t seem to account for everything. I need routine, deadlines and obligations to perform well, yet I detest having to follow that routine or keep to prearranged commitments. I will fixate on one particular topic but that focus will quickly move onContinue reading “A side of ADHD”

Are you sure?

… One of the stranger responses I’ve received when mentioning that I am autistic. At that point I had actually received an official diagnosis (more on that and dismissive GPs another time) so yes, I was sure, but still. What are they implying by asking that question? “You don’t look autistic.” Probably this, or somethingContinue reading “Are you sure?”

A case of mis-taken identity?

Imagine you are a koala in a child’s story book, hanging out doing typical koala-y things with eucalyptus when the child jabs you with her finger, exclaiming ‘Look! A cute, furry bear!’ Now, you probably do look quite like a bear to the untrained eye – you have fur, paws, cute teddy nose – andContinue reading “A case of mis-taken identity?”

This was supposed to be about something else.

I forget what, but probably one of the hundreds of brilliant ideas I’ve already had this week (it’s Tuesday). However, having decided that I should try following some instructions to set this up properly, instead of blindly rushing straight to the interesting parts without a plan or an end goal in mind*, I signed upContinue reading “This was supposed to be about something else.”